What if I didn't pick up my winnings?

We will need your current W9 tax form on file. Email the form to cindy@cowtowncoliseum.com. Include the date, event, and the QR or ID to the electronic form of payment you would like your winnings to be sent to. 

You can always pick it up at the next rodeo. Text Cindy at 254-371-7343 to let her know when you plan on coming. 

What if I pre-entered & paid through NextGen, do I still need to check in?

Although we love seeing your face at the Secretary's office, as well as giving you our new custom Cowtown Coliseum back numbers, every contestant is not required to wear it during competiton. However, you will need a back number to walk inside the building before or after you compete. Back numbers are like a ticket, but don't reserve you a seat. You can purchase seats separatley at cowtowncoliseum.com 

Will I get a free companion pass?

Every contestant who pre-enters in the PERFORMANCE through the NextGen App will be reserved one free companion ticket. These will only be available until 7:00PM on the night you entered. Slack contestants will not recieve a pass for reserved seating since all doors are open for free access at the time. If you are in slack and want to purchase tickets to the performance, head to cowtowncoliseum.com  

What if I'm running late to get my back number and the Secretary is already in the Rodeo?

We ask that all contestants who need back numbers (or need to go inside the Coliseum), arrive no later than 7:00PM. If you are running late and need your back number, you can polietly ask a Cowtown Coliseum employee at the front door if they can help you (be prepared to wait). 

Do you offer exhibitions?

We do offer exhibitions at the Stockyards Rodeo, but these are "Rodeo Exhibitions", which means we offer these contestants who are not quite ready to enter the open, They are $20 for Barrel Racing, $30 for Team Roping and Breakaway. We ask you make a rodeo run so we are showing respect to the livestock and other contestants entered in slack. 

Barrel Racers: Please do not stop, back up, circle the barrelmore than once, or train your horse uring this time. On very busy nights please limit to one. 


Team Ropers & Breakaway Ropers: Please always respect the livestock during exhibition runs, just as you would on a paid run. 


We do not offer Tie-Down Roping exhibitions.